E-Commerce for spanish delicatessen food

Fashion Hits the Road

Microsite for Opel & VOGUE.de | GQ.de

myself Beauty Department

Beauty Blog for myself.de

Seien Sie unique

Advertorial (print + online) for Huawei on GQ.de + WIRED.de | October 2015


Microsite for the Pop-up-Café of GLAMOUR Magazine | November 2015


Oktoberfest Special for Angermaier Trachten on GLAMOUR.de | September 2015
Online editor where different Dirndl Styles can be checked out on illustrated fashion mannequins

Look like a Moviestar

Longread for L’Oréal Paris in GLAMOUR | February 2015

GQ Männer des Jahres 

Website for GQ Men of the Year Germany